Tatiana Vladimirovna Zborovskaya

Tatiana Zborovskaya

C. Sc. in Pharmacy, associate professor 

Responsible for the Student Scientific Society and career guidance work




She is born 08.02.1983 in Ustinovka, Kirovograd region, Ukraine.

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012), Associate Professor (2015), Associate Professor of the Quality Management Department at the National University of Pharmacy.

She is graduated from the National Academy of Pharmacy in “Technology of pharmaceuticals medicals”, qualification – engineer-technologist (2005), and magistracy in the specialty “Quality, Standardization and Certification”, qualification – Master of Quality Management (2007).

Working activities: senior laboratory assistant, later assistant of the Quality Management Department in NUPh (2005-2007); junior researcher of the educational and scientific technological laboratory of medicinal forms NUPh (2009-2012); Assistant (2011-2014), Associate Professor, of the Quality Management Department (2014-present day).

Educational and methodical work. She is reads course of lectures, conducts practical and seminars on disciplines “Personnel management”, “Certification and certification of personnel”, “Product quality examination”, “Quality management”. Co-author of 6 educational and methodical editions.

Scientific research. In 2012 she is defended Ph.D. dissertation “Development of composition, technology and research of antidiarrheal preparations containing zinc” (scientific adviser – candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, senior researcher Yu. I. Gubin).

After the defense of the dissertation, she is engaged in research on: of the personnel management of pharmaceutical enterprises in the conditions of functioning of the quality management system.

The author of more than 50 scientific works, in particular, 12 articles in scientific editions, recommended by the VAK of Ukraine, 3 articles in the “Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia” (2005, 2010), 1 patent, 1 information sheet, more than 50 theses of scientific and scientific-practical conferences.

Public work. Since 2012, she is secretary and materially responsible person of the Quality Management Department. From 2010 to 2014 she worked at the admissions committee of the NUPh. She is responsible for the Student Scientific Society and career guidance work. Performs the duties of the secretary of the examination commission during the state certification of graduates of the specialty “Management” of the Educational program “Quality, standardization and certification”.

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