Viacheslav Lebedynets

Head of Department of quality management

D. Sc. in Pharmacy,  professor


Viacheslav Lebedynets was born in December 22, 1976, in Vradiivka, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.

Viacheslav Lebedynets graduated from the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy in 1999. He graduated with honors with a degree in “Technology of pharmaceuticals”, qualification engineer-technologist.

In 1998-1999, he worked by laboratory assistant of the State Research Laboratory for Medicines Quality Control (SRL MQC). After graduating from the Academy, he was a competitor of the Department of Cosmetology and Aromology. Since 2002 – Assistant of the Department of Quality Management in Pharmacy of the National University of Pharmacy. At the same time, he is a research fellow at the SRL MQC. More »

Tatyana Krutskikh

D. Sc. in Pharmacy, professor
Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical (educative) work




Born on 06.07.1970, Novozybkov, Bryansk Region, Russia. She graduated from the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy with a degree in Pharmacy, qualification as a pharmacist (1993). In 2008 She received a master’s degree in quality management in the specialty “Quality, Standardization and Certification” as a second higher education.


Yurii Pidpruzhnykov

D. Sc. in Pharmacy, professor




Yurii Pidpruzhnykov was born on 19.01.1963 in Lugansk. He graduated with honors from Kharkov State University Maxim Gorky (1985).


2011 –  Degree of professor (Pharmaceutical sciences);

1996 – Doctor of Science (Pharmaceuticals);

1993 –Degree of Senior Researcher;

1989 – Ph.D. in Chemical Science (Analytical Chemistry);

1985-1988 – Postgraduate study at Kharkiv State University (Analytical Chemistry);

1985-graduated from Kharkiv State University (now – Kharkiv National University) with honour (School of Chemistry) – Master of Chemistry degree. More »

Natalia Hohlenkova

D. Sc. in Pharmacy, professor




In 1996 graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy in specialty “Pharmacy” Qualification – pharmacist. In 1998 he graduated from the master’s pharmacy and received master’s degree in pharmacy.

C 1998 to 2003 r.r.- Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry of the State Scientific Center of Medicines (the older to the laboratory researcher). In 2002 he graduated from the National Aerospace University. ME Zhukovsky “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” and received a second degree in “Quality, standardization and certification”.

More »

Iurii Gubin

C. Sc. in Pharmacy, associate professor