We inform you that on May 17th, 2019

on the base of National University of Pharmacy will take place

the ХІIIth Scientific-practical conference with international participation


dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the specialty “Quality, standardization and certification”

The conference organizer: quality management department of NUPh

Subjective directions of the conference:

  1. Trends and prospects of quality assurance and management development in pharmacy.
  2. Standardization and quality assurance throughout the vital cycle of a drug (from research and development – to production, distribution and application).
  3. Formation and implementation of quality management systems (QMS) and integrated management systems (IMS) at chemical-pharmaceutical and biotechnological enterprises.
  4. Personnel training on quality control, assurance and management for pharmaceutical branch of healthcare.
  5. Organization and improvement of quality management departments activity at pharmaceutical enterprises.
  6. Risk management for pharmaceutical products quality.
  7. Monitoring and efficiency analysis of pharmaceutical quality systems (PQS).
  8. Audits at pharmaceutical sector enterprises.
  9. Activity on qualification (premises, equipment, systems) and validation (technological processes, cleaning processes, analytical methods) at pharmaceutical enterprises.
  10. Provision of measurements quality in medicines quality control labs.
  11. Regulatory activity in medicines circulation.
  12. Quality management in practice of pharmacy institutions and distribution companies.
  13. The question of the quality of food additives, veterinary and cosmetic products.
  14. System of environmental, energy, social management and other management systems to pharmaceutical companies.

Additional subjects are possible, but require discussion with organizing committee.

The conference is held with the participation of pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, research and academic institutions.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Providing of materials for participation in the conference

In order to participate in the conference the registration form ( should be filled in with mandatory attachment of thesis in  .doc / .docx up to May, 10th, 2019. File name – in Latin letters by the name of the first author (for example, Petrenko.doc). Demonstrative materials (slides of presentations in format MS PowerPoint versions from 2007) should be sent to before May, 10th, 2019.

The thesis sent in a different way will not be considered!

The publication of materials is FREE.

Requirements for abstracts:

  1. The text of abstract in volume 1 or 2 full pages should be typed on one side of a sheet of A4 format in the editor Microsoft Office Word version 2003-2016; font – Times New Roman; size – 12pt; line spacing – 1.1; All margins- 2 cm.
  2. Abstracts must be published for the first time, be prepared in concise scientific language, contain all the necessary attributes of scientific publication.
  3. Figures should be inserted in the abstract text in formats JPG, TIF, GIF. For mathematical formulas it is preferably to use the Word’s built-in Editor MS Equation.

The organizing committee for the XIII scientific and practical conference with international participation “Quality Management in Pharmacy” is located at the National University of Pharmacy, Department of Quality Management, 61168, Kharkov, 4, Valentynivska str., room 2 (transfer from railroad and bus station by subway to the station “Studentska”), phone:. (0572) 68-56-71

Responsible persons:

Gubin Yury Ivanovich +38-050-400-94-65 (Viber),

Spyrydonova Nataliia Vitalevna +38-093-991-12-92 (Telegram), +38-050-575-12-18 (Viber, WhatsApp),

Sample of theses and other information in the INFORMATION LETTER 


Materials designed in violation of the above requirements,

will not be published!


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