Meeting with future bachelors of pharmacy

Today, the head of the department Lebedynets Vyacheslav  and associate professor Zborovskaya Tatyana  visited our pharmaceutical college – told future bachelors of pharmacy about the possibility of obtaining second education in the educational-professional program Quality, standardization and certification in the walls of the National Pharmaceutical University.

Until the release there are only a few months, so it’s time to think about this solution for all those who complete the training this year.

Thanks to our colleagues for the opportunity to chat with young people!

Open Door Day 15.12.2018

15.12.2018, the National University of Pharmacy reopened its doors for applicants to familiarize themselves with various specialties that may become their professions in the future. The Department of Quality Management also presented its specialty “Management” of the EP “Quality, Standardization and Certification”. We hope that we are interested in you and we will wait for your admission to our university!

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Conducting a conversational conversation with students of the daytime education

Conducting an educational conversation with students of the full-time education program “Quality, Standardization and Certification” to familiarize with the text of the Law of Ukraine “On Measures for the Prevention and Reduction of the Use of Tobacco Products and Their Harmful Impact on the Health of the Population” and the corresponding Order of the Minister of Health Ukraine.

Agitation meeting with students of the specialty “Technology of Pharmaceuticals”

On November 28, 2018, associate professor Zborovskaya T.V. from quality management department conducted promotional work with students of the specialty “Technology of medicines” for expanding their professional opportunities through training in the specialty “Management” by the educational program “Quality, Standardization and Certification”.

Future pharmaceutical industry specialists have shown a keen interest in quality management issues and are interested in offering a second higher education to improve their professional level. More »

Thematic discussion “The second higher education is the right choice”

On November 27, 2018, associate professor Zborovskaya T.V. of the quality management department familiarized students with the specialty “Technology of perfumery and cosmetics” with the possibility of entering the specialty “Management” by the educational program “Quality, standardization and certification”.

Students interested in the question of professional opportunities after studying the program and potential employment. Some issues related to the development of a quality management system in the production of cosmetics and the thematic orientation of the training program. More »