On May 4, 2018, on the basis of the National Pharmaceutical University, a draw of teams was held, which will take part in the III Cup of Memory of Boris Lanevsky

M. Shevchenko (Plarium Ukraine company), S. Gritsenko and Yu. Vashchenko (coaches of FC “Phoenix”), S. Golovko (coach of the Junior School No. 13), V. Glebov (coach of the Junior School No. 7), M. (Coach of the teams Cobra-1 and Cobra-2), V. Sukhomlinov (coach of the DYUSSH (Pyatikhatki), V. Semenchenko (coach of the teams of FC Dergachi and Kolos (Dergachi), I. Zarzhitsky (OTB journalist). senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Health O. Slyusarenko.

During the first meeting the guests of the university visited the Museum of History of the NFUU, the Department of Quality Management and the Department of Commodity Science.

III Cup of memory of Boris Lanevsky will start on May 19 and finish on June 23, 2018. Competitions will be held at the National Pharmaceutical University. The organizers of the competition are Plarium Ukraine, the Football Federation of Kharkov and the NPAU.

The tournament will be attended by 16 teams.

At Kharkov on Maydanchik NFaU, the simplification of the two months is to take place the III Cup of memory of Boris Lanevsky (video)

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