Participation in the training “Personal Brand Program”

October 31 Undergraduates of EPP Quality, Standardization and Certification together with students of EPP Industrial Biotechnology participated in the training “Personal Brand Program” based on NetWork platform.

Invited Coach – Ilya Shelementsev – told our students about NetWorking (social networking, useful work relationships) – a social and professional activity aimed at quickly and efficiently solving various personal and work tasks with the help of a circle of friends and acquaintances. The coach revealed the issues of creating personal and business relationships as the basis of social capital of each of us, described such well-known principles as the “rule of 6 handshakes” and “the rule of 4*12” (the importance of the first impression), justified the need to create personal space interacting with their environment. Of particular interest was the discussion of “Why is it important to help others?” and “How is it “delicious” to talk about yourself?”.

We thank our colleagues from the department of practice and promotion of employment, as well as directly to Elijah Shelementsev for the opportunity to learn new, interesting and useful information for personal development!

(Украинский) Виховання екологічної культури

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Environmental education young people

Today, the issue of environmental education for young people is an urgent need of society, and the rules for dealing with all kinds of household products have sometimes-conflicting explanations. Assistant Professor Gubin Iurii Ivanovich gave a lecture on “Myths and Reality of Some Ecological Issues” on October 15, 2019 to expand the relevant knowledge about chemical effects on biological objects in the process of preparing pupils 10 classes for biology classes together with biology teacher Gryshchenko Irina Volodymyrivna.

Visit to the Lyceum of Arts № 133

07.10.2019 Associate Professor of the Department Zborovska T. V. visited the Municipal institution Kharkov Specialized School with in-depth study of individual subjects № 133 Lyceum of Arts and told 10th grade students about the possibilities of studying in different specialties of the National University of Pharmacy and about the prospects of future professions in the pharmaceutical
sector of health care.

The holiday of Football continues

October 05, 2019 The Holiday of Football is underway. Today, representatives from the department of quality management and students of OPP Quality, standardization and certification attended a match between the teams Metalist 1925 (Kharkiv) and IFC Nikolaev (Nikolaev) at Metalist Stadium. Enjoyed the game and supported our team.