Open Day

December 14, 2019 at the National University of Pharmacy was held Open Day! During this event, the teachers of the Quality Management Department held talking with those wishing to know more about the opportunity to receive a second higher education at NuPh under the educational-professional program Quality, Standardization and Certification.

(Украинский) Відкрита лекція-семінар, присвячена Всесвітньому дню інформації «Роль документованої інформації у функціонуванні системи управління якістю»

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(Украинский) Відкрита лекція-семінар, присвячена Дню вторинної переробки «Рециклінг – життя без сміття».

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(Украинский) Профорієнтаційний захід – екскурсія в Міжнародний аеропорт «Харків»

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Excursion to Ahmad Tea Tea Ukraine Factory

On November 4, 2019, the staff of the of Quality Management Department together with our undergraduate students of Quality, Standardization and Certification visited Ahmad Tea Ukraine factory, where they got acquainted with the technology of production (from preparation of tea leaf to packaging finished product), quality control of tea, quality management systems, food safety management and environmental management of the itself enterprise.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge acquisition in the next semester to study the discipline of Product Quality Examination, since on the excursion they became participants of the process of controlling the organoleptic parameters: appearance, color intensity, transparency of infusion, aroma and taste and physico-chemical parameters: mass fraction of moisture, water-soluble extractives, tannin, etc.

It was very interesting and helpful to visit such a modern enterprise and to increase your knowledge about the culture of consumption and the choice of delicious tea!