Excursion to the NuPh food complex

Today, October 10, on the Day of Workers of Standardization and Metrology, a collective of the Department of Quality Management and students of the specialty “Management” who are studying under the educational program “Quality, Standardization and Certification”, visited the NFaU food complex with the excursion program.

The purpose of the tour is to see examples of implementation of HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – a system of risk analysis, hazardous factors and critical points control). The HACCP system is designed to guarantee the production of safe products through the identification and control of hazardous factors throughout the product lifecycle chain. More »

Excursion to the Kharkov branch of the company SUN InBev Efes

In October 4, 2018, the students of the specialty “Management” studying by the educational program “Quality, Standardization and Certification” visited the Kharkiv company AB InBev Efes, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian brewing market. This company belongs to the world’s largest brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The interesting excursion also included practical classes on the subject of the quality management system, environmental management systems, hygiene and safety management systems.

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Open Day

Today, the National Pharmaceutical University held an Open Door Day. Traditionally, our department took part in this event. We hope that even more Kharkov citizens and guests of our city learn about our wonderful institution of higher education and the possibility of becoming a competent specialist in demand in the modern labor market. We are waiting for entrants! More »

September 16 – Day of protection of the Earth’s ozone layer

Life on Earth would be completely different if it were not protected by a thin three-millimeter ozone layer.

If the ozone layer disappears, then life, if preserved, is only deep underwater in the World Ocean or underground.

Depletion of the ozone layer leads to an increase in the amount of UV radiation reaching the Earth. This, in turn, has disastrous consequences for living organisms.

It is believed that the share of the halogen pathway for the decay of stratospheric ozone has increased as a result of human activities, which has led to the formation of ozone holes. More »

VIII Scientific Picnics

Today our department took part in traditional Scientific Picnics (VIII Scientific Picnics) – there were many children! And interested parents looked at our posters with information about the rules of labeling foods and the interpretation of certain marks on the package. Near Elena Romelashvili, who talked about what to look for in the store, even the meeting has gathered! More »