Ukrainian language exam

On May 15, 2018, almost the whole department of quality management passed an examination in the Ukrainian language. The whole academic year was very interesting and useful training in the courses organized by the Department of Ukrainian Studies of the NuPh. Unfortunately, we did not always have time to attend these classes because of the busy schedule, so the exam also seemed quite complicated. But we did it! Now we carry the knowledge gained to the masses 🙂

Acceptance of materials at the XII Scientific and Practical Conference “Quality Management in Pharmacy” was extended until May 10

Dear friends and colleagues!
We have already prepared a draft program for the XII Scientific and Practical Conference “Quality Management in Pharmacy”, which will be held on May 18 at the NFUU. If you are interested in participation – we sincerely welcome you to visit us!
The receipt of materials for publication in the collection has been extended until May 10, hurry!

On May 4, 2018, on the basis of the National Pharmaceutical University, a draw of teams was held, which will take part in the III Cup of Memory of Boris Lanevsky

M. Shevchenko (Plarium Ukraine company), S. Gritsenko and Yu. Vashchenko (coaches of FC “Phoenix”), S. Golovko (coach of the Junior School No. 13), V. Glebov (coach of the Junior School No. 7), M. (Coach of the teams Cobra-1 and Cobra-2), V. Sukhomlinov (coach of the DYUSSH (Pyatikhatki), V. Semenchenko (coach of the teams of FC Dergachi and Kolos (Dergachi), I. Zarzhitsky (OTB journalist). senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Health O. Slyusarenko.

During the first meeting the guests of the university visited the Museum of History of the NFUU, the Department of Quality Management and the Department of Commodity Science.

III Cup of memory of Boris Lanevsky will start on May 19 and finish on June 23, 2018. Competitions will be held at the National Pharmaceutical University. The organizers of the competition are Plarium Ukraine, the Football Federation of Kharkov and the NPAU.

The tournament will be attended by 16 teams.

At Kharkov on Maydanchik NFaU, the simplification of the two months is to take place the III Cup of memory of Boris Lanevsky (video)

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On April 25-27, 2018, a recertification audit for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

Within three days, I passed a recertification audit on the compliance of the quality management system of the National Pharmaceutical University with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 in the international certification system DQS and in the national certification system NAAU.

The audit was conducted by representatives of the certification body “Interindustry Quality Center” PRIROST “. Conducting activities to identify the correspondence of standard procedures is provided by its specialists: the chief auditor is A.Yu. Beregovenko and auditors-experts N.V. Nikolaenko and L.F. Shapran. More »

Recertification audit

The recertification audit of our quality management system began. Prepared for a long time and carefully, so let’s see what is worth.
Today they were at the departments of biology, pathophysiology and pharmacology in our medical and biological corps. The chairs we have are what we need!

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