World Quality Day 2017

On November 9, 2017, all the progressive population of the world celebrates World Quality Day. This day in any country of the world is not celebrated in the calendar as festive, but it deserves at least once a year that we all think about QUALITY: the quality of goods in our everyday life, the quality of the goods that we create, the quality of services that we provide, or give to us – that is all that determines the quality of our lives.

But do not wait for Quality Day to reflect on this multifaceted concept! Try to invest the maximum quality in all the routine work that you do, create quality in your workplace, at home and on the street, promote quality in everything – and then inevitably there will come a time when we will all be proud of the quality and competitiveness of Ukrainian products, services Ukrainian companies – and this is our common national goal! No more and no less.

Congratulations to all colleagues, partners, students, graduate students and simply not indifferent!

Our football

Today the next football match of the NuPH team with the HNADU team took place. Unfortunately, our sportsmen lost with the score 1: 3, but the game was played really at a very high level, the fans were delighted.

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Meeting of supervisors of the quality management system

On November 8, a regular meeting of auditors and supervisors of the Quality Management System (QMS) of the NuPh was held. The head of the quality management department O.I. Nazarko and the head of the Quality management department, the chief auditor of the NuPh, V.A. Lebedinets, told the representatives of the departments responsible for QMS (QMS supervisors) about the mechanisms for planning work in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


Schedule of the session of correspondence students

Dear correspondence students!

Schedule an autumn session for all courses!

Masters 1 course

Masters 2 course

Specialists 6 course

Topics final works to reconcile

Dear graduate students!

Please upload this file (masters) or this (specialists) with the projects of the topics and preliminary information about the reviewers and carefully check the wording of the topic of your work in Ukrainian and English, as well as reviewers. If there is no relevant information in the table, or if you have a desire to change something – send this data to

We ask you to do this urgently, the themes of the works should be sent to the administration for approval on Wednesday, 08.11.2017