(Украинский) Міжкафедральний методичний семінар

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Our last, 4th day of protection.

Our last, 4th day of protection. Everyone was nervous, they did not sleep, they were tired. But this mountain with shoulders WELCOME to you all, dear graduates!

The third day of protection

February 8, 2018 The third day of protection. Happy masters, happy heads!

The second day of work of the examination board

The second day of state certification – our wonderful masters, yet a bit confused, but no longer tense. Now – new goals!

The 1st day of work of the examination committee

02/06/2018 The first group of applicants for higher education of the specialty “Management” of the educational program “Quality, Standardization and Certification” defended their final qualification works. Defended, I must say, very good – without ratings “satisfactory”, only “good” and “excellent.” Moreover, for the first time in recent years, one of the graduates received 100 maximum points! And many others received points 93-97. These are wonderful results! We are proud of you, our dear! We wish you all inspiration and energy for new victories, achievements and successes! Remember that quality is above all!